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Thanks to the numerous correspondents, who've replied to my various questions & letters over the years, and in particular, in the research in the 70s & 80s, to Denys Hood of High Wycombe.

Research continued in subsequent years, and thanks to Peggy de Roaldes (née Clemitson) and Shelley Maloff for adding the Canada branch, and to the late Godfrey Clemitson for adding the S Africa branch.

Thanks also to Alan Wood, Anne Smart, Valerie Clemitson, the late Jean Bullimore, and Fiona Ryall, amongst many others, for helping fill in the gaps.

Thanks too, to my late brother, John Clemitson, and to Godfrey Clemitson, and Alan Wood, who typed up the data on their computers.

And last, but not least, to Errol Clemitson of S Africa, for use of the url !