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Thanks indeed to Iain Mitchell who pulled together on an impromtu basis a selection of recollections from those attending.
Please click on the Play button in the Soundbar to listen to memories by their sometime pupils...

Mr Acheson, English

Recollection by Ellen Williamson
Mr & Mrs Weil, Modern Languages

Recollection by Brian Cairns
Mr Jeffrey, Vice-Principal

Recollection by Jim Craig
Mr Bown, Modern Languages

Recollection by Margaret Barnes
Mr McMahon, Science Dept

Recollection by Elizabeth Sproule
David Bleakley, Current Affairs

Recollection by Ruth Brown
Mr Harrison & Mr Wilson, Classics Dept

Recollection by Ian Stuart
Mr Stewart, Art Dept

Recollection by Graeme McKimm
(Photo not available) Marian McConnell, Domestic Science

Recollection by Carolyn Minnis

Mrs Stratford was the School Librarian and she also taught English.
Mrs Stratford, English

Recollection by Valerie Thompson
Mr Gray, English

Recollection by Rhoda Baxter

Dr Nicholson was Head of Maths, and subsequently lectured at Queens Univ. until the late 80s.
Dr Nicholson, Maths

Recollection by Ian Young

Dear Iain.   Thank you for your most unexpected email. I was amazed, delighted and flattered.  It was like being drawn back into the "pioneering" days of Russian teaching and O levels.   It is so satisfying and gives so much pleasure to find that something you have worked at has been worthwhile.
I am delighted to hear that you have made another trip to Saint Petersburg and that you have a future outing to Moscow in your plans.  This is, if you can excuse a dreadful cliche, what makes it all worthwhile (teaching, that is).
I am still turning over in my mind your description of my pronunciation of Russian : proclamatory, theatrical, booming.  That all seems to suit well enough and is part of the noisy, loud persona of a Russian teacher. The only one that puzzles me is 'slightly demotic'.   At least it does not seem to have done any harm.  Carry on speaking, with or without grammar.
It was good to hear from you.   Bill Nesbitt, 27 September 2015.
Mr Nesbitt, Russian

Recollection by Iain Mitchell

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